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Turbo-Air Repair Los Angeles is among the respected company’s within the refrigeration industry. They accomplish this recognition by consistently supplying the greatest quality items and superior service within the most eco-friendly manner. They make an effort to enhance their items and services to higher meet their customers’ needs. Thus, they increase the value of their customers’ companies by supplying superior items and services. They’re also dedicated to supplying visually pleasing items by using a much better idea of technology and design.

Turbo Air Refrigerator Repair Service Los Angeles

Provides precise and constant temperature. This degree of precision enables food items to stay fresh over an long time.

Turbo Air Refrigerator Features & Options

The system will beep when the door continues to be opened up in excess of thirty seconds. The computer monitor electronically shows the current temperature and current status from the refrigerator. It is simple to alter the temperature by modifying the thermostat.

Stainless cabinet construction

The Turbo Air Repair Los Angeles Super Luxurious model boasts a stainless-steel exterior and interior (gal steel top, bottom and back). It guarantees the most in hygiene and lengthy product existence. Unlike other companies’ items, the sharp corners and edges happen to be rounded to prevent injuries. The Super Luxurious can also add a little style towards the most refined setting.

Sturdy, clean stainless shelving

Shelves would be the key to hygiene as they are available in direct connection with food. Before long, PVC covered wire shelves may peel, rust and result in unclean conditions. Just the Turbo Air Super Luxurious series distinctively provides stainless shelving.

Turbo Cooling feature for faster chilling

The Turbo Cooling function, situated around the user interface, enables the compressor to operate continuously for approximately two hrs. If this function is triggered, the temperature within the cabinet rapidly decreases and cools drinks, food, along with other items considerably faster. A perfect time for you to make use of the Turbo Cooling function happens when readily stored away filled with new items.