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The best Traulsen commercial appliance repair specialist in Los Angeles is the best choice for safeguarding your Traulsen items against common appliance issues. Likewise, you may also ask capable Traulsen commercial appliance repair for a number of maintenance concerns.

Traulsen began by Harry Traulsen in 1938 and began out like a manufacturer of bakery fittings together with a modest selection of refrigeration models. The organization has since been referred to as a business giant in refrigeration systems for that competitive food equipment market. Through the years, they’ve continuously developed and broadened their line of top quality refrigeration systems to incorporate blast chillers, undercounters, roll-inches, achieve-inches, dual temp models, prep tables, heated cabinets, and a number of special equipment to title a couple of.

Because Traulsen only provides the best home appliances within the food service market, it’s also wise to obtain the best Traulsen commercial home appliances professionals once the need arises. Here is a listing of Traulsen commercial equipment that may be handled by competent Traulsen commercial appliance repair specialists.

Traulsen Refrigerators and Freezers

From Traulsen’s affordable G-Series line for their premier R & A Set line, the organization provides several refrigeration models, freezers, holding cabinets, achieve-inches, roll-thrus, roll-inches, and dual temps to meet the requirements associated with a commercial kitchen.

These cost-effective commercial home appliances take advantage from the TempAssure air flow technology able to maintaining steady air temperature through maintaining your flow correctly controlled to carry facing unpredictable kitchen conditions. This effectively provides unequalled temperature maintenance qualities which help to keep perishable products fresher and safer for an extended period of time.

G-Series – Constructed with heavy-duty outside, effective refrigeration systems, easy-to-use features, and advanced microprocessor controls, the Traulsen G-Series selection of refrigerators and freezers offers the ultimate good value in the category. All purchases include 5-year warranty around the compressor, Energy Star certification that can help you save 45% yearly in energy expenses, and also the TempAssure air flow technology.

R & A Set – High-performance, highly-durable, and premier design options. This selection of refrigerators and freezers are made to resist the ages. This uses the INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control for straightforward, but highly capable operation and also the TempAssure system for maintaining optimum ventilation.

Sliding and Hinged Glass Doorways – A variety of clear glass door cabinets in many of designs including both sliding and hinged doorways. Clients are given the opportunity to mix glass and solid doorways on most of refrigerator models to higher fit their demands. Uses the INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control, NAFEM data protocol, and biased return air-duct for safeguarding against heated air from outdoors the system.