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The Delfield Company began in a tiny building on Detroit’s east side in 1949 by Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield. The organization title was produced from the “Del” in DeLorenzo and also the “area” in Springfield.

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Delfield Repair Los Angeles professionals carry all necessary tools and equipment to finish all repairs for all Delfield refrigeration problems during the first initial appointments.

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Expert Delfield refrigerator repair company in Los Angeles. Same day service and repair maintenance available. We service and repair all Delfield Refrigerators in all Los Angleles areas.

Delfield Specs Lines are the only finest type of achieve-inches ever developed. Everything is designed perfectly, in the detachable top mounted refrigeration system towards the seamless, die-placed interior bottom and top. The styling alone is really a thing of beauty. With an impressive selection of features and options – from pull drawers to microprocessor controls – the Specs Line provides the best personalized performance.

Delfield Refrigerator Most Common Features

SS Series
Stainless exterior and interior
SA Series
Stainless exterior, aluminum interior
SM Series
Aluminum exterior and interior, stainless front
Built-in door locks with durable strikes
Exterior digital thermometer rich in
Simple to use electronic control
Quick access “switch up” shroud
Three wire shelves pre section
10′ attached cord and plug
6″ adjustable stainless legs
Stainless breaker strips
Eco-friendly foam

High density foamed in position eco-friendly, Kyoto Protocol Compliant, Non ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), Non GWP (Climatic Change Potential) memory keeps energy costs low

Energy savings door heater switch
Recessed metal door handle
Tough ABS interior door inserts
Self-Contained Solid Door Achieve-In Refrigerator

Exterior SS and SA models shall have corrosion resistant stainless exterior cabinet sides, front and shroud. SM models shall have corrosion resistant aluminum on exterior cabinet sides and can have stainless front and shroud. All models shall have gal backs. All upper shrouds are hinged having a gas assist stay open feature to supply easy accessibility refrigeration system.

Interior Cabinet interior will be corrosion resistant stainless (SS models) or heavy gauge aluminum (SA and SM models). Top and bottom surfaces will be die placed to supply radius corners and recessed floor. Three wire shelves are supplied per section, SA/SS standard shelves are chrome plated, SM standard shelves are epoxy covered. Shelves relaxation on clips that are adjustable on 1″ batches on stainless pilasters attached towards the cabinet interior. Pilasters are detachable without tools to clean. Mounted towards the interior ceiling, the inside fluorescent light is controlled instantly via a switch mounted within the hinge set up to safeguard against breakage. Door openings are safe with heavy gauge stainless breaker strips. An air-duct will be mounted towards the ceiling guaranteeing low velocity, even air movement through the cabinet interior.

Doorways Exterior will be corrosion resistant stainless. Interior lining will be resilient high-impact ABS material created to protrude past the door gasket to safeguard the gasket from tearing. Each door has two edge mount, self closing, cam lift style hinges. Doorways can be taken off in the cabinet without using tools. Metal door handle will be recessed in to the door for simple grip without affecting aisle space. Keyed door lock is mounted in near the handle. Lock engages right into a durable strike mounted towards the cabinet face. Door gaskets are magnetic and mount towards the door nipping in position and therefore are detachable without tools.